Sunday, 15 August 2010

Birthday Best

Good morning - and it seems such a nice one today!

Well, it was my birthday on Friday, and I just had to show you some of my cards - they are amazing.  I still havent had much time to craft but one thing about painting and grouting tiles (grrr) is that its so boring, you can plan card layouts & colours LOL.  I have some planning for my class this coming Saturday to do so can feel the inspiration coming...

Anyway, here are some of my cards.

Sara has put the details for this card on her blog so you can see how she made it.  It looks amazing in the flesh - Thanks Sara!

I love making cards and crafting, and have made so many special people since starting out!

Thanks for your cards ladies, off to look at more houses again today, but with a bit of luck should be having a rest soon... we live in hope anyway - LOL


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