Saturday, 23 April 2011

St Georges Day!

I have just been listening to the radio and heard that its St Georges Day - why dont we make more of this (like St Patricks Day in Ireland & St Davids Day in Wales)?

Anyway,  I did a workshop on Thursday (Hi ladies *waves*) and as I was asked to do some punched animals for the evening, I looked at some sites on the internet and came across Kim Score here.  She has some fabby ideas and this was one of the first ones I tried.

I love them - and they were really easy to make with the Stampin' Up! punches.  I made some other punched freinds and will post them some other time, I just wanted to do 'my bit' to celebrate St Georges Day!!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Happy Easter!!!

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  1. Jan these characters are fab.I hope you had a good St George's Day. A xx