Thursday, 14 August 2014

Well, I'm another year older and I think I'm getting a little wiser - with some things...

I'm also starting to get my crafting mojo back as I had a play after our class last Saturday! Got some more new goodies from the SU Autumn Winter cattie too so my fingers are twitching as the urge to get in my craft room gets stronger.

Anyway. Here are some if the beautiful birthday cards I received. Firstly a stunning card and box from my lovely friend and amazing crafter Shirley.

I cant seem to create a link to her blog on my phone but this should take you there.

Here is what my Mum made me. Did you know I have a slight tendency to anything orange...

And another card and box from my SU Mum, Sara.

Here's Sara's blog.

There's no wonder I'm getting my mojo back being surrounded with all these amazing crafters!!

I'll be back soon with some more stuff. Take care
Jan x

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  1. Your Mums Card is lovely Also Sara's
    love Shirley x