Thursday, 4 June 2009

I was asked last week to make a card for a friend at work whos daughter, May, is 2 in June. It was an unusual request as it was going to be sent to CBeebies (I think thats what its called - I dont have much to do with children!!!). Anyway, he asked for the card to be A3 or A2 and for it to include charactors from In The Night Garden. It also had to meet the requirements of the TV show - just to add to the pressure...!!

After a traumatic few days trying to get some inspiration - and getting used to the wierd world of childrens TV - I decided to have a go at scrapbooking. I havent had much experience of scrapbooking but thought that the size would make it a good opportunity to have a play.

I gave him the card on Tuesday and he loved it - the trouble was, so did May - and she wouldnt let him have the card back to send to the show!!! I ended up making another one, but changed the layout slightly and and for some reason it looked much better.

The photo is of the second card - which aparently is being framed to go into her bedroom!!

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  1. A great card - no wonder she didn't want to let it go. Can't say I watch so don't know whether they've shown it but it deserves to be on tv. Sara xx