Saturday, 6 November 2010

Convention Crazy

 O.M.G. - Convention is MEGGA!!
We have coaches taking us from the hotel to the venue and big banners are placed on the access to the Palace so we couldnt miss the venue.

Here is the stage.

Its my first convention and its been fab so far.  Manic swapping, cueing, shopping and basically a brilliant time.  Sorry, but am having problems with my blog and uploading pics, so will put more photos on soon.

The hotel has been ok, well - apart from them not quite being prepared for hundreds of hungery crafters wanting to have breakfast before the coaches leave.  Oh, and the keys not working for our hotel rooms when we needed to get ready for the awards night!

Anyway, here is the biggest bed I think I have ever seen - it is humongous...

And as its a bit late now, I think I need to get in it - lots more crafting tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by.
Here we are swapping on the coach to the venue.

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