Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Good afternoon!

I thought I would post the instructiond for making the little box I demo-ed at last weeks workshop.  If I leave it much later I will forget!  Anyway, here goes.

The idea was to show how to make a really simple box for an unusual shaped gift.  It isnt very strong so would only really be suitable for a small, light item, but is SO simple to make.

Measure your item, here we used a standard wheel, and used the SU grid paper as a really quick guide.  The widest part of the wheel was just over 6cm so we used 6.5cm as our measurement.

Cut two strips of A4 cardstock 6.5 cm wide (you need to cut lengthwise) and score the first one at 1cm, 7.5, 14 and 20.5cm cut off the card just after this scoreline.  Fold and crease all the scorelines to give crisp corners and then use a strong glue to secure.

This will give you the inside of the box.

The second strip is going to sit outside the first, so you repeat the scoring above, but before you actually score the card, add one mm to allow the card to 'wrap around' the first strip (hope that makes sence?).  Here is the second strip, attached around the first.

Then you just decorate the box however you like, here I just used my Scallop Trim Border on the front flap, a strip of DSP and ribbon.

Hope the instructions are clear and straight forward to follow.  If you have any questions, please email me.

Cardstock - Cherry Cobler
DSP - Jolly Holiday
Accessories - Scalloped Trim Border, Old Olive Satin Ribbon

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  1. Clever idea. MIL will love adding this one to her box making list.

    Is it 1mm added to each scoreline?

    Sara xx