Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dashing about like a mad woman

Yep, thats me!
Very quick post as I have been at Jeans Dabble Day in Beighton all day showing the lovely ladies there how to make the Christmas Ornament on the front of the Autumn Winter Catalogue. I dont have any photos though I'm affraid as I gave my samples to Jean!  I will try and get some photos off her soon though if I can.

Anyway, I have just got home and unpacked the car - and am now re packing for the Don Valley Craft Show tomorrow.  So if you are in Sheffield tomorrow, why not bob through for a natter! it would be lovely to see you.  Its at the Don Valley Football Stadium - which is signposted all around the area and is on from 10 til 3pm.

Ps. I will post my hubbies birthday card tomorrow - if I can get a photo of it in the daylight!!!

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