Sunday, 20 October 2013

No crafting but soooo busy

It's been ages since I did any crafting but at last we are getting somewhere with the house! Yesterday we actually picked up the new kitchen and ordered the new cooker - 15 weeks using a microwave, toaster, deep fat fryer and a camping stove has been rather taxing to say the least.

Here is a photo of our 'kitchen' at the beginning of August.

We took out the old rotten kitchen units the on the 1st July with a plan to get the new units that weekend. Unfortunately, the damp problem was much worse than we thought so not only did we have to remove all the old plaster, we had to dig up the concrete floor and about 12 inch of ground to put in a full damp course, damp membrane and new floor.

Anyway, here is a photo of the kitchen with its lovely plastered walls

Today has been spent painting the kitchen and putting some of the new units together and I will try and get some photos sorted when more of the units are built up. I'm shattered but so excited we are finally seeing progress at last.

I'll be back with some exciting news from SU soon and you never know, I might even sneak into my craft room at some point...

Jan x

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  1. Wow Jan you have both done a wonderful job.
    It is looking great.
    love Shirley x