Sunday, 30 November 2014

Stars Class Kits

Hi there.

Had lots of South Hills Designs parties and events over the last few weeks which has taken up lots of my time but I had a 'eureka' moment today and just had to have a little play.

We had our Stars Class last weekend where I showed the ladies how to assemble and decorate the 26 stars in the Many Merry Stars kit. We talked about ways of making the stars into gift boxes and this afternoon whilst driving to see Sara at the Wortley Hall Craft Fair I suddenly came up with an idea.

Instead of assembling them using all the tabs on the side strip to each point on the stars I cut some of the tabs off before assembly and here they are.

These are the boxes closed.

And here they are open.

The strips already have the adhesive on you just peal off the adhesive tape. This is how I cut the tabs off the strips.

The opening is quite small but it does allow you to get items inside- I will probably pad out the boxes with some tissue paper when I put gifts in. But if your filling with sweets it probably won't need anything.

Hope your having a great weekend.

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