Saturday, 25 July 2009


Its been a busy week for me. I have been working on London (and having to drive - through the city centre!!!). Just about recovered enough to post on my blog.

I have been nominated for an award recently by my upline and Guru, Sara. As I havent been blogging very long I had to ask or instructions (again!) but was so pleased to get it - thank you again, Sara.
Ladies if you're willing (and have the time!) to play along then you post the award on your own blog, let people know who nominated you and nominate 5 new beautiful bloggers (linking to us all).

And I nominate...

I look through these blogs regularly to get ideas for designs and colours. Thank you for the inspiration ladies!
Jan X


  1. Thank you ever so much for the award, its really appreciated. Love your Peek a Boo Box,

    Jenny x

  2. Thank you so much Jan!! this is my first Blog award and I am thrilled to receive it. I have put your blog link on mine now, and maybe we could meet sometime as you are not too far away from me! Good luck with today Elaine x

  3. Thanks so much for the beautiful award Jan, I really appreciate you thinking of me :) Debbie x