Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wow - what a party!!!

Oh - My - Word.  What a manic party we had yesterday!! 

I held my New Catalogue Launch Party yesterday morning and it was unbelievable - everyone came at 10am so the house was buzzing.  I sold lots of my retiring stuff (not all unfortunatley) but I just have to hide it and pretend that I did (shhhh!).  So just putting in a LOVELY big order for new stash for me and the ladies who came.

One thing that did come to light was that our house really isnt big enough so we do have to move (thats my excuse anyway).  Otherwise, next year I will hold 2 events - one to sell old stuff and a separate Launch Party on a different day.  Not that I want to still have the house on the market next year (I have set my heart on a house nearby with a massive garage CRAFT ROOM!).

I didnt take any photos unfortunately, in fact I didnt even have the time to make a cuppa!  But I would like to thank the following ladies for taking the time out of their busy weekend to come to the party.

Suzanne, Sophia, Abby, Anne, Kim, Jean, Julie, Lynne, Jean, Val, My Mum (June to everyone else) and Kath.  Thanks for making it a FAB PARTY!

Just one more thing before I go.  I am starting a Stampers 10 Group in either November/December and have six places left available.  Here are the details for how it works.

Off to chill out now.  Hope you have a fab weekend!

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