Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My New Craft Space

Hi everyone,
Just a quick post today to show you my new craft room!

We have the house back up for sale after our 'buyers' (see, I can use their polite name!) decided to pull out of the sale - they decided 6 weeks after putting their offer in, that the garden was too small...!?  Dont know how a garden can shrink in size but never mind.  Everything happens for a reason!

Anyway, we decided to do some decorating the other week, which meant I had to move my craft stuff out of the back bedroom.  It was a mammoth task, and now that everything has been moved into the conservatory, I thought I would show you my new space.

The light is amazing, I've never really taken much notice before how important light is until now.  The other night I was crafting until 7.30 at night and didnt realise how late it was!

Here is a photo of the other side.

I havent worked out yet if my large table will fit in to do my classes, but as its just off the dining room, we can always sit in there.  Not sure how long it will stay this tidy, but I love it anyway.

Oh, before I sign off, there are still some places left at our team meeting this Saturday.  If you fancy coming along just email me to let me know and I'll send you the directions.

See you later.

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  1. Jan
    Your craft space looks hunky dory,
    love Shirley