Thursday, 16 August 2012

Birthday Cards

Hi everyone,
I have this week and next off from work so Im having some proper quality time with my lovely Hubby - plus some time in the kitchen, playing with some of my new goodies (yes, I got the starter kit for Pampered Chef!).  So, I have been baking, cooking and learning from Ian how to use the cooker!!! 

Anyway, it was my Birthday on Monday and here are some of the beautiful handmade cards I recieved.

From my Mum

From Shirley
From Cheryl

From the amazing Sara
From Kath

And last but by no means least, from my Auntie Val
Just look at the detail - stunning.

Well, I have to shoot as I have to get ready for our Stamptacular (details here). 

Thanks for stopping by, I should have some photos of Stamptacular soon so bob back to see the beautiful projects.


1 comment:

  1. Jan you Received some lovely cards I do hope you had a wonderfull birthday, and are enjoying your Holiday.
    Love Shirley