Sunday, 17 January 2010

Craft Room Storage

I moved all my crafting stuff into recently and now have much more space to spread out - and believe me, when I start crafting I SPREAD OUT (lol).  I have been tidying my storage today so thought I would share how its been organised.

All my SU stuff is on the right hand side, the top shelf has my inks, ribbons, glitters & embossing powders.  The glitters & embossing powders have been emptied into plastic cartons - the ones you get takeaways delivered in (and as you may be able to see we have them alot!).

Second shelf is all stamps.  The third shelf has more stamps and my cardstock.  The cardstock is in those A4 plastic boxes you can get from most craft shops - there is one colour family per box, with the box labelled with the colour family.

The fourth shelf has my carry box which has all my essentials when playing (sorry, cardmaking).  Things like scissors, glues, wheels & handles etc.  The items on the bottom shelf and the left hand side of the bookcase are non SU items - I bought some black canvas type drawer dividers from Ikea which pop into shape to hold light items and just stack them on top of each other.  They have small label areas on the front and look nice & tidy on the shelves.

Here is a small bookcase I bought from Argos ages ago.  On the top is a tool chest from Machine Mart which has 16 drawers (some with dividers).  The front of each drawer has a slot to drop in a drawer label, really handy to write on the contents - I have toppers & stamped images stored in here, ready for quick cards if needed.

I may have to rethink my punch storage now, as I have almost all of them now (tee hee!).  I couldnt find anything to store them on.  But whilst out shopping I found some of those cheap wire radiator airers - which are exactly the same width as the bookcase!  I got my hubby to bend the ends round to reduce the height and make them more stable. They arent strong enough to hold the weight of the punches - so I used a couple of dies to 'prop' them up (you can just see the yellow edge in the middle of the bottom row of punches. 

To make sure that the airers dont slide I put cut some wooden skewers (the ones you use at barbeques) and put them in the holes down the side of the bookcase - for adjusting the shelf height).  It just holds the airers tightly in place.

I have stored some of my slim die cuts in CD cases (but have to buy more cases after splashing out on dies the other week (Sssshhh).

I now also have two folding tables, a small one for when I am on my own and a 6 foot one for when holding classes - or for when I am speading out - LOL!

Hope this post gives you some inspiration or ideas how to store your stash.  If you have any ideas on how you store yours, please comment and share - we all need to make the most of the limited space we have!!!  If you need any closer photos just let me know.

Thanks for looking!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Very organised. Clever what you did with the airer for the punches.

  2. Thanks for taking the piccies and sharing Jan.

    What do you think, do you spread out more than I do, lol?

    The punches look good but I might wait for something strong enough. I like the A4 boxes but I'll need nearly one per colour rather than one per colour family, which is why my poor trolley has collapsed under the weight. Think I might follow your example on the die cuts though.

    Sara xx

  3. I love your punch storage idea! I live in California, and we rent so my Hubby balked when I told him I wanted to put holes in the wall for rods to store my own punch collection. What a great idea you have to use the bookcase shelves! Thanks so much. I am out to buy what I need to start my own.
    P.S. love you blog too!