Thursday, 30 December 2010

I hope that you have had a great time with your family and friends over the Christmas period.

Apart from having a really bad cold and cough its been a lovely Christmas for us.  My Mum and brother came over for Christmas Day lunch and then we went to DH Dads for tea. All the family in a two bedroomed flat (about 28 adults and loads of children!!!).  It was a bit like musical chairs though - if you went for anything to eat or drink, you lost your seat!

Santa brought me money this year as there are lots of things I would like to get from SU - wah hoo!!  I also bought a nice bracelet with some of the money (this was partly because DH was wanting me to get a bicycle with it - yer, right...!)

I was quite ill over Christmas and couldnt deliver some of the presents and cards until recently, and I didnt want to post any pics of the items I made before everyone had seen what they were getting.  As I delivered my last items yesterday, I thought I would share them.

Heres the mini calendar and note holder.  Yes, its using my favourate DSP - Lap of Luxury - its so nice, I just couldnt resist using it.  I also made these for each of my lovely Stampers 10 ladies (hope you liked them!?)

The acrylic holders were part of a share over at In Love With Stamping ages ago and I hadnt had much chance to use them.  The holders are designed to hold paper between the layers so I just cut the DSP to size and slid it in.  The pens were a little bit fiddly, but I loved how they looked when they were done.  I bought the little calendars from a local craft shop and they were just adhered to the front of the holder with post it notes attached to the back.

I struggled to find a way to hold the pens but the ribbon seemed to work OK.  For the ones at the front (using the narrow Grossgrain ribbon) I made loops of ribbon which the pen nib sits in.  Then I wrapped a strip of ribbon around the holder to hold the top of the pen.  The wider ribbon did work better though and I didnt need to do anything else to hold the pens as the ribbon is strong enough on its own.

Heres a photo of the back showing the post it notes attached to the rear of the holder.

The friends sentiment is from Tiny Tags and was mounted onto a scalloped oval stamped with Perfect Punches.

Sorry its taken so long to post photos of the holders.  I will post a picture of the last Christmas cards I made (not using a Christmas themed stamp set though!) in the next couple of days. 

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas period and thanks for bobbing over.


  1. Yay! I got one of these too and they are lush. Mine's going on my desk at work (the day job) as a reminder that I have a life outside.

    BTW Tony says that you can always borrow my bike to go out cycling with Ian, lol.

    Sara xx

  2. Mmmm crafting v cycling... May pass on that!