Monday, 20 December 2010

Its coming too fast...

OMG how quick is Chistmas coming this year?

Sorry, but I cant show you any pics for anything as I have been frantically making cards & gifts for people and I havent delivered them yet!  I just wanted you to know I am still here and to promise that I will get some posted in the next few days.

Its been mad lately here - I even went to Meadowhell on Saturday - with Ian!  I refuse to go in December as it gets so mad near Christmas but I was gobsmacked at how quiet it was. I have seen it busier mid week!!! Ian refuses to go at any time but with the threat of snow lurking he said that he would come too (bless him).

Anyway, almost sorted for Christmas now - I hope you are too - just have to hope that all the pressies I have ordered on line for Ian come in the next few days.  Otherwise I may be out on Christmas Eve to get him something to open - Ahhhh.

Thanks for stopping by.

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